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This site has all the information about remapping and chip tuning? Here it is. information about the electronic tuning of cars, vans, trucks and other engines.

If you want; power, speed, or greater economy and mpg, the information you require is all here in easy to understand terms

What's it all about...

Since the advent of "Engine Control Unit" or ECU controlled engines, it has been possible to reprogram the vehicle software and upgrade the performance output of petrol and diesel engined vehicles.
By carefully reprogramming the paramerters of the fuel, air, boost and ignition timing a more efficient and powerful output is achieved.

Expert Service
With over thirty years experience in the motor trade and  the UK leading suplier of tuning tools and equipment, with qualified  technicians trained by all the major tuning sytem producers, we are highly qualified to work on your vehicle or fleet. We have probably the best selection of tuning tools and equipment in Britain!

24 Hour Emergency Auto Locksmith Service

We are now offer a mobile tuning and a full Auto Locksmith service covering The North West, Cheshire, North Wales, Lanc's, Merseyside, Manchester and beyond
If you are locked out and need your car opened fast, then call us now!
Need new keys?
We make and program new keys for your car! No need to go to the dealer, we have the codes and the technology to make new keys and get you going fast!
Check out our Locksmith Website
We offer Auto Locksmith services all over Chester, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, North Wales, Cheshire and the North West

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Tune Your Own Car or Van with Powergate Pro

powergate-tuning-systemNow you can tune your own car or van yourself with POWERGATE PRO.
Powergate is a Pro level tool limited to one vehicle at a time, it allows the read and write of cars and vans vi obd with a simple intuitive interface and can store Original and two modified files which can be installed to your vehicle at any time.
Powergate has an extensive vehicle coverage which includes Ford cars and vans as well as most other brands.
Powergate retails at £395 on other sites, you can buy Powergate here complete with Race 3 and eco map for only £295 + £8.95 uk shipping on special offer here. Just call 0779 289 2895 to order

The ECOMAG is a Magnetic Frequency Resonator for the purpose of ionization. When this device is installed on a fuel line, the frequency resonance generated by its powerful magnetic field will fracture the hydrocarbon chains in the passing fuel causing the clusters of molecules to break a part. This will lead to improved combustion and consequently to a better engine performance and increased mileageecomag

REMOVES HIDROCARBON WASTE FROM THE ENGINE: When the magnetic field ionizes hydrocarbon molecules they clean the combustion chamber, the fuel line and the injectors. Cleanest engines generate a better performance and more power.
Fuel saver is now avaialable with car and LCV remap and chip tune installations.