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Chips or Maps?

Since the advent of Electronic Engine Controlers
back in the 80's it has bee n possible to change the parameters and change to characteristics of the fuel/air and timing.
By changing these parameters (The Maps) it's possible to increase the BHP and torque output.

OBD2 came along at the end of the 90's and allowed communication to the ecu via a diagnostic plug within the vehicle. With moder tuning interfaces we can remap your vehicle from inside.

Chipping is the term used when the eprom chip inside the ECU is replaced or reprogrammed from the PCB of the ECU


Race 1
Race 1 is our entry level performance chip designed to give both more power and more economy.
Race 1 is the ideal program to give more power and torque for your van, taxi or light truck

Race 2
The Race 2Chip is programmed specific to your vehicle and after reading and saving the original programming of the vehicle, our Tuners will write a specific map for your vehicle to give maximum performance while retaining your original fuel economy. Ideal for motor caravans and towing vehicles

Race 3
Race 3 is our Max Power chip and involves mapping your vehicle to your desired performance level

Non turbo engines will usually benefit by 8-10% bhp increase and wherever possible we will modify to the maximum safe upgrade for the vehicle.(Race: 1, 2 applies to turbo engines only)